New York City Waterfalls Art Installation Environmental Permitting

Manhattan, Brooklyn and Governors Island, New York City

NYC Mayor's Office

Mayor's Office

Completion Date:

Brooklyn bridge Waterfall

Project Description:

Lynn Drobbin & Associates completed the historic resource analysis for the environmental permit for the art installation “The Waterfalls,” a public art project created by renowned international artist Olafur Eliasson for the Public Art Fund.

Historic resource analyses were conducted for five potential waterfalls sites, although only four sites were selected for the actual waterfalls installation.  The five sites analyzed were:

  • Battery Park
  • Governors Island
  • Sanitation Pier #35
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Brooklyn Heights Promenade

The analysis focused on the effects of shadows and view corridors that would be created by the waterfalls, especially at the two National Landmark sites, Governors Island Historic District and the Brooklyn Bridge.

The project which was initiated and directed by the Mayor's office, was constructed in April 2008 and will remained operational until October 2008.


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